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Because every family faces their own unique situation during their difficult time of loss, we offer a wide variety of funeral services and ceremonies. We work closely with you to customize arrangements to meet your distinctive needs. Our expert staff helps to design the most suitable ceremony, whether it be public or private, formal or informal, burial or cremation. We are here to help honor the life of your loved one the way you think it should be celebrated.

Rely on the Simple Comfort of Our Basic Care

Our basic care services treat each person with the utmost respect. As part of this process, we bathe your loved one, wash and comb their hair, and apply a topical disinfectant to their body. We check for valuables and return items to the family along with a detailed inventory list. Worn clothes or sheets are removed, we dress your loved one in a hospital gown, and cover them with a clean  sheet until fresh clothing is received from family.

A Few Words About Identification

We require that your loved one be positively identified prior to burial or cremation. This required procedure eliminates the possibility of burying or cremating the wrong individual (in the event that a person is misidentified by a hospital, nursing home, or other institution before being taken into our care). It also helps assure family members that there will be no unanticipated questions in the future.

We provide everyone private time to say good-bye. Our experience has shown that in most families, thereWe provide everyone private time to say good-bye. Our experience has shown that in most families, there are people who wish to have a private opportunity to say good-bye in a setting that allows you all to be together. You may elect to have an extended family member or trusted family friend make a positive identification of your loved one on your behalf if you so desire.

We ask for appropriate clothing prior to identification so your loved one can be dressed and placed in the casket (or other container selected for burial or cremation).

Ease Your Mind with Our Embalming Care

Many people find that seeing their loved one helps them acknowledge the reality of the death. Embalming care enhances their appearance for your final good-bye. Embalming is a surgical procedure that allows for temporary preservation. In this procedure, a chemical solution is placed into a person’s vascular system, restoring a more lifelike appearance. Although embalming care is not usually required by law, it allows us to more readily facilitate your usually required by law, it allows us to more readily facilitate your ceremonial needs. Our directors will discuss your needs with you so you can make a choice that is right for you.

Superior Cremation Services

Families can choose from a wide range of cremation options, including life celebration ceremonies prior to cremation, or after. Additionally, they can attend the cremation at our Cremation Tribute Center. You are welcome to take a tour  of our cremation facility at any time.

The actual cremation process includes two steps. First, a person is placed in a special type of furnace, known as a cremation chamber, where their body is reduced to bone fragments through the application of intense heat. The remaining fragments are then processed into a finer powder- like substance and placed in a temporary container. Before a person’s remains are returned to the family, they are usually transferred to an urn for permanent containment.

Trust in Our Secure Cremation Services

Our Cremation Tribute Center offers a state-of-the-art, secure facility that ensures all are treated with dignity and respect.  Your loved one does not leave our care through the entire cremation process.



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