Meet Our Grief Comfort Dog

Meet Pearl Our Comfort Dog

Pearl is a three-year-old Lab/Shephard/Shar Pei mix who came to Butler after being rescued in Atlanta, GA by the Ginny Millner Rescue Agency and receiving training and certification at Comprehensive Pet Therapy, Inc. She was determined to be a good match for the grief therapy role based on several evaluations done according to specific criteria and guidelines requested by Butler and she was certified as a Grief Therapy Dog in 2012.

Therapy dogs have become increasingly useful in treating physical, emotional and mental health issues and interacting with a dog has been proven to lower blood pressure and releases endorphins in the body that have a calming effect on people. A gesture as simple as laying their heads on a grieving person’s lap or being there for a crying child to pet can improve the process of dealing with the emotions of grief.

We are sensitive to people with animal allergies and phobias, so Pearl does not roam freely. Typically, she will be on hand for a family’s private time of goodbye. It’s a soothing transference to pet an animal, almost as if a portion of a person’s grief is passed to the pet and lessens the individual’s burden for a period of time.

There is no additional cost to a family for Pearl’s presence and she may be requested by a family as the funeral is planned.

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