Pet Loss Services

Pet Loss Services

From the first moment you hold a pet, a bond begins to grow. Over the years your pet has become an important member of your family with their own personality and habits. Pet owners usually take great measures to make sure their pet receives regular healthcare, plenty of exercise, grooming, and a balanced diet. In return, the pet offers unconditional love and constant, life-long, loyal companionship. It's only natural then for the pet to be thought of as a member of the family. Facing the death of this family member can be very difficult. With the death of a pet, the family often experiences the same grief and sense of loss as it would be for the "human" members of the family.

The caring professionals at Butler Funeral Homes & Cremation Tribute Center and Roselawn Memorial Park are always working to help families through this tough time. With our caring staff, full of pet parents, you can be sure that your companion will be treated with dignity and respect, just as you have treated them.

Should I Choose Cremation or Burial for My Pet?

If you are having a difficult time deciding about disposition of your pet, you may consider cremation. In today’s mobile society you may not wish to bury your pet in a home or city where you may not be in ten years. Or, perhaps you currently do not have space to bury your pet on private property. Cremation offers a solution to all of these issues you may be facing. The Butler Cremation Tribute Center has an area and cremation chamber dedicated solely and completely to companion animal cremation.

If you would prefer earth burial for your pet, but mobility and space issues exist, you may also consider the pet burial services offered at our affiliate, Roselawn Pet Cemetery. Roselawn Pet Cemetery has been specifically designed to provide for private burial services, including single or multiple spaces available for both traditional or cremation burial in a beautiful, park-like setting. Graveside ceremonies are also available for families who wish to have an opportunity to say good-bye to a beloved pet in a setting designed to allow their family and close friends to be with them.

What are My Options

Private Cremation - Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber individually and with no other companion animals. The cremated remains will then be returned to you in a temporary container or permanent container of your choice. The remains are yours to keep and cherish.

Communal Cremation - Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber with several pets. Cremated remains will not be given to the owner. Following communal cremation, dignified disposition will take place at a local, privately owned site.

Pet Burial Services - Roselawn Pet Cemetery offers single or multiple spaces for both traditional or cremation burial in a peaceful setting dedicated exclusively to companion animals.

Graveside Ceremonies - Many families appreciate the opportunity to say goodbye to a beloved pet in a setting designed to allow family and close friends to be with them. Using rituals can be a meaningful way to both honor your companion and to begin the healing process. Our on-staff Celebrant can help you create a unique ceremony recognizing the loss of your faithful friend.

Permanent Memorialization - We offer many options for permanent memorialization and remembrance. A variety of pet caskets, urns, and grave memorials are available. Keepsake items, including Buddies paw print jewelry, are also available.

Will I have a chance to say Goodbye

When you lose a great friend it is important to say goodbye. We understand this need and always allow you a chance to come in and visit your pet one last time.

Pet Services General Price List

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Pet Urns

For a selection of available pet urns, please click the link below or contat our Pet Specialist at (217) 544-4646.

Pet Urn Options


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